Means the use of physical medicine modalities and equipment to treat the musculoskeletal and joints problems to help cure of the patient away from drugs and surgery. So no more worries about back pain, neck pain, disc, sport injuries,shoulders, knees and joints and muscle pain.


A diagnostic and prognostic device for neurological and denervated muscular diseases done by electroencephalographic and nerve conducting studies Specialist. So no more worries about tingling, numbness and weakness.


Diagnosed and treat joints , spinal and muscle problems under the care of Rheumatologists and Physiatrist. So no more worries about joints pain and Rheumatism.


To help you get back to your normal life and activities as much as possible after accidents, operations, sport injuries or neurological insult through our multidisciplinary equipments and professional technicians. So no more worries about getting back home rapidly with least disability.

Sport Injuries

Diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sport injuries in a professional and well appreciated methods preventing complications and chronocity. So no worries about getting back to sport as early as possible.

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